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We are the number one solution for 24-hour airfreight delivery in the world. We are your perfect option for fast, low cost, single window shipments.
Your Fast & Efficient International Airfreight Specialists
Cost efficiency
We expedite all urgent freight needs at a fraction of your regular shipping costs.
Intraday shipment
We offer same day air freight, next day air freight and air freight charter options to solve any crisis you may be encountering
Worldwide coverage
We offer the fastest, low cost consolidated airfreight services from China to the US, Europe, South Korea & Japan
Superior service
We build long-lasting relationships built on trust and superior service delivery
What We Do

The demand for airfreight services is increasing at a rapid rate as customers seek immediate delivery of their goods across the globe. We know you are looking for a company that can provide the most cost-efficient solution for your business. When you have to send that urgent shipment across the world within 24 hours –we step in to make it a reality. We know that a timely delivery can be the difference between success or failure of an entire project.

We are a single-window logistics service. Leave all of the logistics to us. Say goodbye to driving long distances to unload your packages, physical injuries from lifting heavy goods and filling in endless requests for package info. We won’t ask you for the exact gross weight, the dimensions of each piece, the nature of the cargo, the HS codes, etc. All we need from you is the shipper’s contact details and the reference number to arrange the pickup. Leave the rest to us. It’s that easy

Our extensive experience in air freight service solutions, with particular expertise in batch-sharing air shipments using a single window system, has garnered us the reputation as reliable, deadline saviors. Our B2B clientele has seen how our offering significantly reduces their shipping costs, increasing revenues substantially.

Partnership with the World
The best of the best is here!

As a reputable, professional airfreight company, we have partnered with a wide range of cargo airlines to be able to offer our clients premium promotional rates on some destinations.

We are here to ensure your shipment gets to its destination quickly and cost-effectively. We’ll handle all of the logistics for you from anywhere in China. We will find the lowest cost for your consolidated airfreight service needs to the US, Europe, South Korea and Japan.

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